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I joined the Keithcot-Kings OSHC team in September 2017. After finishing school in 2012, I worked in a variety of different fields, stacking pallets, selling clothes, winning bronze in the 100m at the 1984 Olympics, you know, menial stuff...

In high school, I made strong connection with a SSO who inspired me to work in the education field. OSHC seemed like the first logical step in that direction. I like to think of our OSHC encompasses all the facets of the school environment. Learning, play, social interactions. Working here has really taught me how to facilitate all of these elements as best possible.

In September 2018, I stepped into the chef role at the OSHC, preparing and planning the afternoon tea menu for the week. This has allowed me to assume a greater role at the OSHC, along with building stronger working relationships with the children that attend.

I also work at Keithcot Karm Primary School as an SSO and have several out of work hobbies such as music, art, literature and skateboarding. I've been really lucky to have the opportunity to achieve goals I have set for myself and I truly feel like this is the best job in the world.

Fun fact about me: I can play the guitar

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