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Our menu is designed by our resident Cook. All meals are prepared to specific guidelines that ensure the highest nutritional content. Children are encouraged to provide ideas and thoughts on menu items and help to choose one meal a week.

We provide breakfast items such as toast and cereal, milo and juice in the mornings and a variety of meals alongside fruit and vegetables for snacking every afternoon. 

Our meals are tailored to individual dietary requirements and incorporate the cultures in our service. 

Information on the meals provided can be provided on request by families. 


Please go to our program tab and click on the program to find the current menu for the week. 

For links to current information and websites please click on the images and titles below. 

Sun Protection

Quick Note about Sun Protection policy

Hi everyone,

- Hats will be mandatory from the beginning of the October school holidays to the end of the April school holidays and then on any other days throughout the year where the UV index is at or above 3 at the time of an OSHC session.

This means that we will be asking staff and children to wear hats when outdoors when the UV rating during an OSHC session goes above 3. Parents will be asked to keep a hat in their childs bag or check the UV rating in the morning to see if there is potential for the rating to be above 3 at OSHC. Children who do not have hats will still be allowed to play outside in undercover areas.

Thank You

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