I started working in OSHC at the beginning of 2019, six months after starting my Masters in Primary Education. Previously, I was working in ther art industry as a graphic designer and photographer at a school photography company. Working in school photography gave me the opportunity to learn about schools and the classroom, this introduced the idea of teaching to me and it became something I was really interested in. After six years I thought it was time for a career change.

Working at OSHC has helped me form relationships with children as well as help me take what I am learning in my Masters into a school environment. For the short time I have been here I have really enjoyed learning about each child and finding out their interests and what they like doing. Over time I have loved seeing each child's personality, confidence and skills grow. Creating bonds and strong relationships with children continues to excite me, its a very rewarding job that gives me great practice as a pre-service teacher.

Fun fact about me: When I'm not working at OSHC, I work in a tea shop. I'm also a digital illustrator and have a rescue dog.

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