Assistant Director

I’ve just started working at the OSHC in March 2018 and I’m so thrilled to be here! 

I graduated from school in 2015 and studied The Bachelor of Health Sciences for 2 years. I had planned to eventually work in a hospital with kids, but I realised the health field just wasn’t for me. I’ve now transferred into The Bachelor of Education (Primary and Middle) at Uni SA because I still have a passion for working with and helping children.

Once qualified, I’d love to be a Year 3/4 teacher but until then, I hope to put what I learn at Uni into practice and be a positive role model for the kids at OSHC. 

In my spare time I enjoy walking, reading, and travelling! I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel all around the world including places like Alaska, Vietnam, and Hungary - but there's no place like home. You'll often find me at a park or by one of our beautiful beaches here in SA!

Fun fact: I’ve been inside an Egyptian pyramid!