I'm 20 years old and currently studying Diploma in Early Childhood Education. I have completed Cert 3 in Early Childhood Education and am looking forward to another year of studying!

Working with infants and younger children has always been what I've wanted to do in life. Many of my family members worked with children and I always looked up to them. It is my passion, learning about their development and then being able to experience them develop and grow through learning and play environments.

I am currently working at Keithcot King's OSHC swell as Felixstow Community School OSHC. I am qualified at Felixstow OSHC and work along side my Director Hannah.

I look forward to putting what I have and am still currently learning into practise as well as to be a positive role model to the children at OSHC!

I love travelling, you're able to experience new things, make memories and learn new things about yourself. I haven't travelled much so I have many goals to explore and visit new countries, cities and land marks around the world.

My interests are Art and Design. In my spare time I like to paint on canvases for my room or give them to friends!

Fun fact: I have a twin brother... People always ask, "are you both identical?"... boy and girl twins cannot be identical in case you didn't know! 

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