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Qualified Educator

I have began working at Keithcot King’s in February 2019. I am originally from Iran and I used to be a teacher back in my country. I have a bachelor’s in teaching in Iran and I have 25 years of experience. 

After coming to Australia, I started working as a volunteer in different places such as King’s Baptist Grammar School. I have been working as a volunteer in King’s since 2016. In addition to volunteer work I have been working in a Persian school called New Era Persian School to teach children Persian/Farsi language.

I then started to learn English in TAFE, and through different programs I completed my Certificate III and Diploma in Early Learning Childhood Education in 2018.

Working at OSHC has given me new opportunities to learn and improve my skills through working with children and other educators. These experiences have given me a better understanding of how school and educational places work and the amount of work and planning behind every program required every day.

I am a social person, I enjoy spending time with my families and friends. I like traveling and reading books.


One of my biggest hobbies is to go to the beach and enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

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