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Qualified Educator

I began working at Keithcot King’s in October 2021 after being in the retail industry for almost ten years. I have developed great relationships with the staff and students and love going in to work everyday!

I enjoy listening to how the students day are going and love building connections with students through fun and engaging activities that promotes their individuality and creativity.

I am currently in my fourth year at UniSA studying a Bachelor of Education for Primary/Middle School and will complete my degree in November 2022.

Outside of OSHC I love to go fishing, crabbing and cockling. I enjoy being on the beach as it gives me time to reflect on myself and how I can be a better educator at OSHC and a teacher for my future students.

Fun fact: I use to live on a river bank where my family and I would go fishing and crabbing most days until I moved to Adelaide when i was 6!

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