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I have started working OSHC during school holidays. Currently, I’m studying my Bachelors degree of Primary Education (3rd year) at the University of South Australia. I really enjoy being around children and cheer them up as they make me happy, boost my mood up and I love to do the same for them.

I also work as an SSO in a disability unit. It has allowed me to create positive environment and connection between people and enjoy every moment of our lives. Both working at OSCH and as an SSO, it has allowed to to learn more about myself and find what I enjoy more. It has also provide me with opportunities to develop my professional teaching skills and strategies to get to know children better.

During my spare time, i usually enjoy watching Netflix and spend time with my family. However, I am an outgoing person who loves to explore the nature, go for a hike and have brunch with friends.

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