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The Keithcot kings OSHC team welcomed me towards the end of 2020. I am currently undertaking my first year at UNISA studying a Bachelor of Primary education. 


From a young age I have had a very strong passion for sport. My commitment to this has lead me to build strong relationships with younger children through guiding and coaching them through netball. 


I went to a small primary school in a country town which made me grow close to both staff and students, this was also supported through having my mum and other close friends from sport work at the school. Since then, I have known that teaching children was my ideal future and one that I would look forward to! 


Whilst working at Keithcot Kings OSHC I hope to learn different strategies that will further support the skills I’ll gain through my studies. I also hope to build strong relationships with the students to learn more about them as well as plan around their needs and interests

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