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Qualified Educator

I first started at Keithcot-Kings OSHC in mid 2018. I had just come from another OSHC job, which provided me with experience and confidence coming into this space.

I graduated from Kings in 2015 and have been studying secondary education since, specializing in Physical Education and Science. 

I have previously worked at Bakers Delight, another OSHC, labouring in the Tour Down Under, and wedding photography for Beyond Limits. With Beyond Limits, I am an activity facilitator for school camp groups of all ages. Sometimes I mostly work down in Victor Harbour and sometimes Belair.

I attend Journey Uniting Church, where I volunteer my time as a kids and youth ministry leader. This happens on Fridays and Sundays, and we create a space for kids to come and unwind from the week of school. We do this through fun, sometimes high energy activities, and by connecting them with new friends and develop their relationships with each other.

I spend my spare time playing, writing and recording music, participating in sports and gym, and I also love playing some video games every now and then.

All the things I spend my time doing really sets me up for a career working with kids. I love working at OSHC because it provides me an opportunity to help the child develop into the person they're made to be, and that is really exciting.

Fun fact about me: I have been to Kenya in Africa to support a children's home that raises kids that are effected and infected with HIV. A fantastic and humbling experience.

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